Our Funds

Pikes Peak Capital Holdings Fund I

(Closed to new investors)

  • $4M AUM
  • Minimum investment: $100,000
  • Fund horizon: 5 years
  • Distributions: quarterly
  • Reinvestment option: no


    Pikes Peak Capital Holdings Fund II

    (Closed to new investors) 

    • $5M AUM
    • Minimum Investment: $100,000
    • Fund horizon: 5 years
    • Distributions: quarterly
    • Reinvestment option: yes

    Residential Distressed Mortgage Opportunity Fund

    (Open November 2020)


    COVID-19 and corresponding forbearances and moratoriums wreaked havoc on the mortgage industry.  Significant opportunities are arising in Q4 2020 that will continue for years to come, and this fund is set up to take advantage of those opportunities.

    Please contact Christopher Sayler (christopher@pikespeakcapitalholdings.com, 719.659.4576) if you would like to learn more.

    Steps in Fund Life Cycle

    Pikes Peak Capital manages the entire distressed asset and mortgage-related investment cycle.


    Our acquisition team purchases distressed assets for pennies on the dollar

    Asset Preservation

    Our teams manage all aspects of property preservation


    We sell the assets via cash and owner financing to people in the community


    Note Management & Sales

    We manage the long-term relationship with our borrowers


    Our data analytics and algorithms allow us to make swift, informed decisions about potential purchases.  

      Our proven track record of identifying and purchasing traditionally overlooked properties has allowed us to drive strong returns for investors, pass along the savings to our buyers and ensure our buyers’ monthly payments are lower than area rent. We continually strive to maintain and improve this track record.


      Our funds bridge the disconnect between large institutional sellers of distressed assets, who need to offload hundreds or thousands of assets in bulk, and either small-balance real estate investors or income-qualifying individuals and families with limited home ownership options.  This benefits local communities by returning vacant homes to productive use, preventing neighborhood blight and falling property tax values. 

      Our teams are able to re-position distressed assets and reach buyers using unconventional, digital and mobile-optimized marketing platforms.

      Customer Management

      Because we buy properties at a steep discount to market rates, we can also sell them at a discount to home buyers – allowing borrowers to benefit from low down payments and lower principal and interest payments than local area rent. We then support customers with unique post-purchase support programs which increase the likelihood that home buyers are able to refinance their homes and decrease the likelihood of delinquency and default.

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