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What We Do

Pikes Peak Capital is a majority women owned and managed, mission-aligned real estate investment manager. We offer alternative financing to bridge ‘missing middle’ working class households to homeownership. We proactively seek out markets and opportunities commonly dismissed as too difficult or too different.  We approach each property with discipline, deep market insights and innovative solutions. 

Our Approach

Government subsidized housing addresses homeless and extremely low-income households, while conventional single family residential financing builds new housing developments for the luxury market. Our investments focus on workforce and middle-income housing, a huge but underserved market.

Our Mission

To grow, protect and preserve the wealth of our clients and the communities we serve, while providing opportunities for home ownership to under-served communities.

Our funds purchase undervalued single-family residential assets across the nation using a proprietary analytical software developed in-house.  We then re-position the assets and sell them to members of the community via both cash and alternative financing using a combination of traditional and digital marketing channels.  

Benefits of Our Funds


All investments are backed by residential real estate



Our assets are diversified geographically and across a variety of exit strategies

Low Investment-to-Value Ratio

Buying undervalued assets builds in downside protection 

Absolute Return Profile

Our business model has both pro-cyclical and counter-cyclical elements, yielding consistent returns regardless of market condition

Deep Analytics

Our proprietary system allows us to identify undervalued, overlooked assets 

Risk-Adjusted Returns

We are able to produce outsized returns relative to risk


By the Numbers 

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A Disciplined, Repeatable Process

First and foremost, we are stewards of our investors’ capital. With that responsibility in mind, we apply rigorous analytics and underwriting to every investment we consider.  On the operational side, we focus on repeatable processes that scale as we grow.

Boutique Approach 

We consciously choose to develop boutique funds that we can carefully manage and control.   At the same time, our extensive underwriting and investment processes complement our entrepreneurial culture. 

Vertically Integrated

Over the past three years, we have developed in-house capabilities to manage all aspects of asset acquisition, property preservation, sales and note disposition for our managed funds.  In 2018, we spun this team out into a full property management company with its own professional management team.  This arrangement allow us to closely monitor and collaborate with all on-the-ground teams and subcontractors.

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